Health New England | Health Matters | Wellness Guide 2019

Preventive Care and Other Reminders Use this reminder checklist to help you stay healthy in 2019: Get your annual preventive visits with your primary care provider (PCP): Annual Well-Care Visit Annual Physical Exam Discuss your options for a colon cancer screening with your PCP and schedule it. Schedule your breast cancer screening based on your doctor’s recommendation. Test your bone density by getting an osteoporosis screening. Schedule your annual prostate cancer screening—for men ages 50 and older. Ask your PCP about a diabetes screening if you have a family history or are at risk for diabetes. Be sure to have your retinal eye exam regularly if you have diabetes. Ask your PCP about your blood pressure and your risk for heart disease. Get your vision and hearing tested yearly. Ask your doctor about a lung cancer screening if you smoke or live with a smoker. Talk with your PCP about depression to identify symptoms or risk factors. Learn to eat better to manage chronic conditions by getting medical nutritional therapy. Discuss your options for obesity counseling with your PCP if you have a body mass index of 30 or more. Get your flu shot yearly before the winter flu season starts. Check with your PCP about what vaccinations you are due for (pneumonia, shingles, etc.) Take advantage of your Flexible Additional Benefits and Allowances provided by your Health New England Medicare Advantage plan. Don’t forget to submit your Additional Benefits Reimbursement Form by March 31 for the previous year. Register for our secure Online Member Portal to better manage your health care at my.healthnewengland .org . Fill out the Preventive Care Visit Submission Form at my.healthnewengland .org to receive your $20 gift card for completing your 2019 Well-Care Visit or Physical Exam. One Monarch Place, Suite 1500 Springfield, MA 01144-1500 (413) 787-0010 | (877) 443-3314 | TTY: 711 This newsletter is not intended to replace the advice of health care professionals. Please consult your primary care provider about your personal health care needs.